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Captain’s Trail in Pachaug Forest Voluntown CT 0 5 0 0

Captain’s Trail in Pachaug Forest Voluntown CT


Ride info

  • Address: pachaug forest, CT
  • GPS: 41.5923195,-71.8749209
  • Horse Name: Willo Pond Revelation (Rev)
  • Rider Name: Celeste Santos-Rivera

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 We are SO lucky! My Lippett Morgan Willo Pond Revelation and I ride in Pachaug State Forest which is the largest state forest in Connecticut. Covering approximately 24,000 acres and crossing the borders of numerous towns in eastern Connecticut.  We can even ride from Pachaug into the state of Rhode Island, into Arcadia Management Park. Crazy huh! We can ride in any direction from our home for hours. We share this spot of paradise with my husband Patrick, a Jack Russell Daisy, a mutt named Annie and 8 hens. 

This picture thru Rev’s ears was taken on the first snow of the New England in 2013. Venturing out  into the blanketed  woods  is special. The quiet and the serene peace of the forest is all around you. At times we are all alone but can at any minute we may experience a deer or two running across our paths. There is nothing more special then this! But beware! In New England if you don’t like the weather wait a minute! 

Summer rides and pictures to follow!

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