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Goldfield Ghost Town / Superstition Mt. Az. 0 5 0 0

Goldfield Ghost Town / Superstition Mt. Az.


Ride info

  • Address: 4650 N. Mammoth Mine Road, Goldfield, AZ
  • GPS: 33.456993,-111.49204500000002
  • Horse Name: Dually
  • Rider Name: Julie Goodnight

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The Superstition Mountains in Az.. where legends, myths and superstitions abound. The search for the Lost Dutchman Gold mine still does on. The mountain is full of dangers and hazards, some trails are hard and for the experianced horseman but others are beautiful and easily ridden . A ride around the mountain has to end with a ride to the Goldfield Ghost town to tie horses up and enjoy the Mammouth Saloon for grub and refreshments and walk around its Ghost Town buildings .

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