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Off CR 4002 Newton, TX 0 5 0 0

Off CR 4002 Newton, TX


Ride info

  • Address: County Road 4002, Newton, TX 75966, USA
  • GPS: 30.796151035949162,-93.72069168408416
  • Horse Name: Champion
  • Rider Name: Lisa Savage

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Riding on a back trail near where Champ lives.

I’m just getting back into riding after being gone 25+ years.  Champ is an elderly friend’s horses that let’s me ride his horses when he’s not feeling well.

Today was the first time I’d put Champ under English tack.  My friend is an old cowboy so it took some talking to convince him to allow me to put my very old English tack on Champ.  Much to my surprise, the ol’ boy kind of got misty eyed when he saw his old quarter horse looking prime and proper.

He watched me work Champ for a bit and then told us to hit the trail for a nice cool down.  Champ and I had a very nice hack and I was SO  thrilled to finally be riding English again!

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