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Pacific Crest Trail in Southern California 0 5 0 0

Pacific Crest Trail in Southern California


Ride info

  • Address: warner springs ca
  • GPS: 33.2769753,-116.6494394
  • Horse Name: Tonka
  • Rider Name: Chuck Gawle

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Our annual De Anza ride this year, which a recreation of the historic expedition of De Anza to find an overland route from Southern Arizona to San Francisco, started in Corte Madera. The De Anza Caballeros continued for the week through Noble Canyon, Rodriguez Canyon, Plum Canyon along the PCT, (Pacific Crest)Trail and ending in Warner Springs.  The trail is beautiful showing the natural side of California that many miss and Eagle Rock is something everyone should see. Our Gentlemen on horseback have created an annual ride since 1938 along various parts of the historic De Anza trail and the beauty of this land continues to amaze us. There are old ranches with green pastures full of cattle, beautiful oak trees where wild turkeys roam, desert scenes with flowers in bloom and the feeling of going back in time in Southern California.

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